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Supra kabel høyttaler XL ANNORUM 2X3.2 COMBICON 2M

Supra kabel høyttaler XL ANNORUM 2X3.2 COMBICON 2M

Supra kabel høyttaler XL ANNORUM 2X3.2 COMBICON 2M

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Supra XL AnnorumSupra XL Annorum is a speaker cable we are proud to announce as one of our 40THAnniversary offer. The name derives from playing with latin numbers and language where XL means -10+50=40 and Annorum is a bent form of Anno latin for year hence 40 Years. We take great pleasure in the fact that this cable is developed together with a reknowned Swedish speaker designer famous for e.g. QLN speakers among others. The intention was a conductor lead for the internal wiring of drivers and cross-over filter. During the progress we acknowledged such good performance that the idea of having the conductors forming a complete speaker cable came to life.The design is a 4 x 1.6 mm2 square shaped lead configuration where each lead comprises a plastic core around which 12 strands 5N Oxygen-free Copper are spun in a tight pitch. This minimizes skin-effect and inductance efficiently and by choosing the sonically benign PP as di-electric (insulation) the sonical stability by preventing corrosion and material fatigue will remain at highest possible level year after year.The specification and performance fits right in between our Supra Quadrax and Sword edition.It is available mounted with Supra CombiCon connectors in Star Quad single-wire (2 ?2) fullrange configuration single bi-wire (2 ?4) bi-amp (4 ?4) and on bobbin B75. This also means that in addition to our standard lengths we offer custom lengths upon order. Features and benefitsStar Quad configuration for inductance cancellation and noise immunityCombiCon contacts features maximum customer convenience. Forks included.5N Oxygen free Copper strands spun on core to minimize skin-effectPP dielectric for maximum signal integrity and chemical stabilityDeveloped in co-operation with renowned Swedish speaker designer as internal wiringWill be incorporated in his newest speaker project’s internal wiringMade in Sweden!Mechanical dataLead area1.6mm2Number of leads4piecesNumber of strands per lead12piecesStrand diameter0.4mmStrand materialBright drawn 5N Oxygen-free Copper Di-electric (insulation)PP (strong chemical stability) JacketAge and heat resistant PVC Outer dimensionØ 10mmHalogen free and flame retardentNo  Electrical dataResistanceUnder revisionOhm/kmInduktans   Under revision   µH/mCapacitanceUnder revisionpF/m


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