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Supra kabel høyttaler Sword 2 X 2 m Med combicon

Supra kabel høyttaler Sword 2 X 2 m Med combicon

Supra kabel høyttaler Sword 2 X 2 m Med combicon

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SUPRA Sword SUPRA’s flagship. Sword is a patented cable. The secret is the bifilar-wound litz conductors each comprising 24 individually insulated wires.The bifilar winding is built with 12 of these wires helically wound in one direction and 12 in the opposite direction. This divides the magnetic field into opposing directions resulting in self-cancellation. Because Sword’s conductors comprise a number of insulated wires dynamic skin-effect is also cancelled.Therefore Sword behaves as a non-inductive and phase stable cable.   What does it sound like?SUPRA Sword passes the most complex music transients without any deformations. Signal delay is suddenly the same at all musical frequencies. Therefore it vanishes giving a clear 3-dimensional presence a sure sign of the highest fidelity.Patent holder: Johnny SvärdOwing to the special construction with two opposite wound wire groups which cancel each other’s fields the termination quality is very critical.The termination is done with strong gas-tight crimping so the joined metals are fused into one unit. This is more pure andsecure than any soldering.Sword is available in standard lengths of 2m 3m 4m pairs delivered in a Mahogany wood case.Termination: Spade/Banana/BFA combination connector.Customized lengths available on order.               Technical Info         Mechanical Specifications                              Cross. Area:3 / 12(mm2/AWG)                              No. Conductors:2                               No. Wires/Conductor: 12 + 12                               Wire Diameter:0.4(mm)                              Wire Material:Enameled OFC                               InsulationPE                               Jacket:PVC                               Ext. Size:9.3x18.4(mm)                              Halogen Free & Flame Retardant:  No                      


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