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Supra audiokabel Phono 15m Blå Audiokabel for platespiller

Supra audiokabel Phono 15m Blå Audiokabel for platespiller

Supra audiokabel Phono 15m Blå Audiokabel for platespiller

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Supra Phono 2RCA-CS is a phono cable we are proud to announce as one of our 40TH Anniversary offer. The cable is a dual channel connection between a turntable and a RIAA phono stage or a receiver with a dedicated phono input including the Earth Link required for most turntable connections. Supra Phono s low capacitance and thanks to the new carbon/nylon shield its noise interference immunity make a dead silent cable suitable for low output moving coil cartridges. Further the low capacitance allow for best transient response without damping or slowing down the musical beat.Features and benefitsEfficient shielding makes a dead silent cable provides maximum signal integrity also for moving coil cartridgesEarth Link efficiently cancels any ground (earth) potential humSuppress RFI interference that are highly malignant for the noise floorLavish RCA-CS connectors provides excellent electrical properties 100% shielding and gentle chuck lock cable strain reliefUnbeatable price-performance ratioMade in Sweden!Mechanical dataNumber of leads totally (specified)7 (+ - and drain x two channels + EarthLink)piecesLead area0.24mm2Number of strands per lead19piecesStrand dimensionØ 0.127mmStrand materialTin plated Oxygen-free 5N Copper Di-electric (Insulation)PE ShieldCarbon/Nylon shield JacketAge and heat resistant PVC ConnectorsSupra RCA-SC chuck lock strain relief Outer dimension per leadØ 6.0mmCable weight (without connectors)48g/m Electrical propertiesResistance72?/kmCapacitance52pF/mVelocity factor0.66x C (speed of light) 

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