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Environmental policy

Elkjøp Nordic AS will take lead in the industry and by actions throughout the company take responsibility for the environment. Our natural resources are limited and we therefore work to use resources more efficiently and increase the level of circular use of materials. We take responsibility for our products and services to ensure their negative impacts on the environment are as limited as possible.

Environmental Management


Elkjøp Nordic AS has implemented an environmental management system based on ISO 14001: 2016. The system regulates the implementation of measures and monitoring of environmental actions at all units. It is appointed an environmental responsible at each unit.


The environmental impact of Elkjøp Nordic AS is considered to be most material in the following three areas:


  1. Eco-efficient technology and products
  2. Climate smart solutions in our stores
  3. Eco-efficient logistics


We prioritize our environmental measures within these three areas.


Eco-efficient technology and products


Elkjøp Nordic AS is the market leader in sales of electrical and electronic products in the Nordic region. It is of high importance that we ensure that the products sold have been manufactured under acceptable conditions with minimal emissions and use of hazardous substances that pollute the environment, and the products do not contain harmful substances or contribute to contamination during use. We also ensure proper handling and a high recycling rate of products after use. We want to contribute to longer life for products sold and we therefore offer upgrades, service and advice on the use and maintenance of the products.


There is a minimum requirement for all suppliers to Elkjøp Nordic that they comply fully with all applicable laws and regulations including the chemicals directive REACH , the WEEE-directive on handling electrical and electronic waste and the RoHS-directive which regulates the content of harmful substances in electrical and electronic products. Elkjøp Nordic anticipates a precautionary principle to prevent pollution, and therefore we make sure our suppliers phase out chemicals that at any given time are on the candidate list (SVHC - Substances of Very High Concern) of the REACH-directive.


We have set the following overall objectives:



Overall objectives

Circular use of materials

More than 85% of the returned products will be reused or recycled into new products. This is significantly higher than the EU requirements.

Offering energy efficient products

With our knowledge we will ensure that we offer the most energy efficient products, and it should be easy for customers to choose energy efficient solutions.

Environmental requirements for all suppliers

We have environmental requirements for all suppliers that at least comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and requirements for the use of recycled materials.

Product information

By our knowledge, we will inform and guide customers to use our products and adopt new technological solutions that contribute to an improved environment. For example, the use of modern refrigerators reduces the amount of food waste.



Climate smart solutions in our stores


With more than 10,000 employees who operate approximately 400 stores across the Nordic region and a large warehouse in Jönköping in Sweden, we are a business that uses a lot of resources in daily operations. We want to optimize the operations and routines. We use the system Landax to monitor the operations and to ensure that we are compliance with relevant laws and regulations. 


We have set the following overall objectives:



Overall objectives

Training employees

All employees participate in an environmental training upon employment in Elkjøp and environmental theme is an integral part of Elkjøp Academy.

Take-back solutions for electrical waste

We will make it easy and safe to deliver electrical waste at all stores. We will contribute to increase the amount of returned electrical, used products, and ensure that the waste is recycled in an effective manner.


We use only renewable energy. All units will implement a plan to optimize the use of energy, and we will continue to use only renewable energy.

Waste sorting

All units sort their waste to ensure that at least 65% is material recycled.

Food waste

All units focus on reduction in food waste from their own operations.


All units are actively working to maintain and use the stores so that they have the longest possible operation time.


All units are actively working to reduce the use of paper and other consumables. More sustainable materials should be selected when available.


Eco-efficient logistics


Safe and efficient logistics is essential for Elkjøp Nordic AS to run the business. Our main warehouse in Jönköping is the hub of goods transport for Elkjøp. The products are transported by rail or ship to the modern warehouse directly from production. They are reloaded at the warehouse and then transported efficiently to the stores. This provides a significant environmental benefit.


There are a number of measures implemented to ensure that the transport services are carried out in a responsible and environmentally effective manner. It was signed a new transport contract for the entire business in 2015. Strict environmental, safety and good working conditions are the basis for the new transport agreements.


It is also important that employees and customers experience that it is easy to visit the stores. We facilitate for the use of bicycles, public transport and electric vehicles to our stores. We actively use new technologies to reduce the need for physical meetings. New stores will be built close to public transport so they are easily accessible. 


We have set the following overall objectives:



Overall objectives

Transportation to stores and warehouse

All transport companies with a contract with Elkjøp fulfill agreements focusing on environmental, safety and good working conditions.

Home delivery and service transportation

Elkjøp is actively working to use transport solutions with renewable fuels for home delivery and service offers.

Customer transportation

Customers should easily find information about how they can use public transport to the stores. We also offer home delivery, reducing need for use of private cars. We expect the share of customers who do not use private cars to get to the stores to increased considerably.


Increased use of digital solutions will reduce the need for travel to physical meetings.

The share of employees travelling to and from work without the use of private cars will be increased considerably.

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